‘... The easy going and relaxed style Caribe promotes disguises an amazing technique...’
Pat Quinn - Evening News
‘... Caribe is an exceptional case. His is also an example to budding students.'
Rob Adams - The Herald
‘... Caribe coped superbly with the challenge in an excellent concert. Caribe seemed to slot into the trio's creative dialogue.’
Kenny Mathieson - The Scotsman

Mario is a musician who’s always involved with the best players at any given moment of his his life. His enthusiasm and hard work always place him within exciting and innovative projects.

Mario has experience with all styles of music, from symphonic to salsa, from jazz to klezmer, from samba to electronic music. He’s never afraid to try something new and this ever fresh attitude transpires through his music.

Born 6th of august 1964 in São Paulo, Brazil, Mario started his musical education at 13 with Wilson Aggio playing Bossa Nova guitar. He switched to electric bass one year later and took lessons at Zimbo Trio's School - C.L.A.M., quickly moving on to playing gigs in the local Jazz scene.

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